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Ziggu in top 10 Luxembourgish companies to watch

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10 Luxembourgish startups to look out for in 2019

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest countries, known for its beautiful forests and castles, and its high standard of living. It’s startup ecosystem is also growing richer, with one of the highest investment levels in startups per GDP in Europe, and new startup hubs like the House of Startups, and accelerators and incubators sprouting up. The government has been busy making the country more startup friendly, with a recent law enabling entrepreneurs to start a business in just one day with one euro. As in Switzerland, we notice that several Luxembourgish startups are specialising in crypto and blockchain technology.

Ziggu – Real estate developers have a very complex job managing different projects each with different suppliers, contractors, architects and sometimes hundreds of customers. Founded in 2017, Ziggu is a platform for managing customer relationships. From sharing plans and purchase documents, to managing after-sales customer satisfaction, the Ziggu platform gives developers a way to turn customers into “Brand Ambassadors”.

Silicon Luxembourg Interview

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Article in Silicon Luxembourg:

Text by Silicon Luxembourg:

As part of the Rants series, Silicon Luxembourg interviewed Yannick Bontinckx, cofounder of Property Technology (PropTech) startup Ziggu.

What is your activity in Luxembourg?

Along with Vincent Van Impe, David De Winter and Pieter Gistelinck, I founded Ziggu, a PropTech company based in Luxembourg. From a bird’s eye view, we help homebuilders manage their projects and client communications on a single portal.

Homebuilders and property developers have a hard time managing all their projects and data in spreadsheets—there’s just too much room for human error. When they are serving a multitude of hasty homeowners with moving preferences and decisions, these errors only multiply.

Then they have to try to manage everything from an email account, which, let’s admit, isn’t very easy when you’ve got 100 variables within 100 client accounts.


What advantages are there of being a startup in Luxembourg?

I need to put my comments into context by providing a little history.

Ziggu ended up in Luxembourg by accident. Our entire team is Belgian by birth, and we had the dream of Ziggu while working in Ghent. The thing is, Belgium is pretty small, so the instinct to go international was almost immediate.

In early stages of our development, we were looking at the BeNeLux region. We had thought about seed funding, where we could lose 15-20% of initial equity, but with our product and mindset that wasn’t really a viable starting point.

So we looked at government-funded programs.

It was actually on Silicon Luxembourg, Paperjam, and Luxinnovation that we saw advertisement for Fit4Start.

It’s a rare breed of funding options that provides coaching AND considerable funding for new startups.

In a sense, we came on blind faith!

“The ideal Luxembourgish startup scenario, in my mind goes something like Fit4Start, match-funding programs, subsidiary offerings, and then a seed round.”

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