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Luxinnovation interviews Ziggu

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About Ziggu

Real estate developers have a very complex job managing different projects each with different suppliers, contractors, architects and sometimes hundreds of customers. The industry is still at the forefront of technological evolution (like banks were 15 years ago) and often they still work in archaic error prone ways. On top of that, real estate developers often have a bad reputation with their own customers. Homebuyers often feel left in the dark and voice negative feedback.

Ziggu offers residential real estate developers a single integrated solution to manage construction partners, customers and project planning. Resulting in less construction mistakes, less time loss and most importantly, happier customers.


Ziggu at Fit4Start

Luxinnovation spoke with CEO Yannick Bontinckx.

How did you first hear about Luxinnovation and our Fit 4 Start programme?

We were doing research into the Luxembourg real estate market and came across the programme by sheer accident. We did not hesitate for a second and immediately started to work on our application file.

What was your biggest achievement?

We were the youngest company during our Fit4Start batch and we are proud to have interviewed over 400 homebuyers, 50 large real estate development firms across Europe, signed 11 beta users, developed a technical MVP and signed our first customers, all within the span of the Fit4Start programme. If you focus, talk and listen to your customers and work hard it shows what you can achieve in a short timeframe.

Le Quotidien: Ziggu simplifie votre chantier

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Interview with Le Quotidien:

La start-up proposera dans quelques semaines une platforme de gestion de projet et de relation client pour les promoteurs immobiliers.

Faire construire sa maison peut parfois s’avérer compliqué. Il faut courir à droite et à gauche pour obtenir les informations manquantes auprès de l’architecte, du promoteur immobilier ou des fournisseurs. Un véritable casse-tête qui pourrait être évité avec une solution digitale appropriée.

Yannick Bontinckx, Pieter Gistelinck et Vincent Van Impe ont peutêtre inventé l’outil qui révolutionnera la relation entre les promoteurs immobiliers et leurs clients pendant la phase de construction d’un bien.