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Everything starts with the right tools. Feeling overwhelmed by endless amounts of spreadsheets, emails, faxes (in this day and age?!), phone calls and communication mistakes? We feel you. We experienced these issues first hand ourselves. We know you want change as well.
Our real estate industry desperately needs new and better digital tools in order to keep up with changing customer expectations and increase our efficiency.
With Ziggu Engage and Ziggu Construction View we're helping you get there. One digital brick at a time.

Founding Partners

Yannick Bontinckx – CEO

Architect turned Property Developer turned Web Developer. In love with real estate and technology. Also likes making spreadsheets and keynote presentations.

Vincent Van Impe – CPO

A project architect who learned the ins and outs of the construction process. Vincent has a knack for creative problem solving and an urge to innovate.

Pieter Gistelinck – CTO

After several years in a corporate environment, Pieter took a 180° turn and joined Ziggu. The daily mix of technology and business is the perfect match for him.

David De Winter – CDO

Computer scientist with thorough experience in data science and data engineering. David is eager to make the real estate industry more data-driven.

Real Estate as a Service

A customer-centric approach
to real estate

Customer expectations are changing. While the real estate industry is shifting towards a more service oriented approach, levels of customer centricity will need to match those of other industries. Every single feature we implement at Ziggu is geared towards helping you reach those goals. Want more information about customer expectations? Read our survey we conducted with over 400 home owners.

Ziggu Homebuyer Survey

Career Opportunities

Ready to change how we manage real estate? Feel comfortable in a fast growing international environment? Reach out to us! Ziggu provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, genetics or current geographic location. If you have what it takes, we'll work something out.

Senior Full Stack Developer - Ruby on Rails
Junior Full Stack Developer - Ruby on Rails
Internship - Business Development

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